Investing in a Luxury Villa

For a Holiday Home

There are many benefits for owning your own luxury holiday villa.  You can bring friends and family to enjoy the perfect vacation as often as you please.  Keep your own clothes, supplies and home comforts in your own property and have a tropical base that you can rely on coming back to season after season, year after year.

There is no need for all the stress that comes from finding and booking a hotel, that has increasing fees every year.  Return to a place you will come to know well and love like your home, and are friendly with the locals. 

Make your second home in the kingdom of Thailand, 'The Land of Smiles'.

For a Vacation Rental Property

Vacation Rental Management Service

We can help you rent out your property to tourists with our comprehensive guest search and management service:

  1. Help find renters
  2. Advise you on how to advertise yourself to maximise your occupancy rate
  3. Obtain signed rental agreement
  4. Obtain certified funds from renter including booking and security deposits
  5. Greet your guests and manage check in and check out
  6. Provide concierge service, advising guests
  7. Prepare your property for the next guest including cleaning and restocking
  8. Return security deposit to renters
  9. Follow up with renters to maximise repeat bookings

Property Management Service

We can also help maintain your property and arrange any repair work that may need doing.

  1. Regularly inspect property
  2. Address maintenance issues
  3. Find the best tradesman for any issues
  4. Liasse with tradesman and provide them with access to the property
  5. Peace of mind knowing someone is looking after your property